moombahton | Kesta Happening DC


9 Questions with DJ Sabo

Moombahton Massive+Fort Knox Five

By:Juan Leon
DJ Sabo is — for my money — one of the most essential DJs and producers currently working in the States. His impeccable production work and track selection are always anchored by a thrilling balance...Read more

Moombahton Massive XXXIX

Moombahton Madness w/LocoMotive

By:Juan Leon
It's about time the Kesta blog featured a Moombahton Massive event. The dembow foundation and uniquely DC origins of moombahton make the city's best underground dance party a no brainer for Kesta...Read more


"El Dia De Mi Suerte" Timeless Salsa, PLUS: Sazon Booya

By:Juan Leon
Hector Lavoe shouldn't need an introduction. Neither should his Willie Colon produced masterpiece, "El Dia De Mi Suerte" off of the Willie Colon Orchestra's legendary 1973 LP Lo Mato. Video of El Dia...Read more
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