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Cumbia Has Never Been Funner, Better, and Badder Than With KUMBIA QUEERS

Maracuyeah and Anthology of Booty, join forces to welcome Mexican-Argentine artists Kumbia Queers on March 7th at Judy's Restaurant for their DC Debut!

By:Rocksario Garcia
By: Rosario Garcia Earlier this week I had my first and definitely funnest Google hangout with Ali Gua Gua (singer and guitarist of the tropi-punkeras, Kumbia Queers ), as well as, Mafe and rAt of...Read more

Like A Virgin at the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention

A behind the scenes look at what goes on at a tattoo convention

By:Rocksario Garcia
When I first came up with the title for this blog I was a bonafide tattoo virgin. However, that all changed one week prior to attending the 16th Annual Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention with the...Read more


"El Dia De Mi Suerte" Timeless Salsa, PLUS: Sazon Booya

By:Juan Leon
Hector Lavoe shouldn't need an introduction. Neither should his Willie Colon produced masterpiece, "El Dia De Mi Suerte" off of the Willie Colon Orchestra's legendary 1973 LP Lo Mato. Video of El Dia...Read more

"YOU OUGHTA KNOW"- Miguel Mateos, El Jefe del Rock en Español

"You Oughta Know" is a series that highlights favorite artists, groups, movies, and many other things... You Oughta Know!

By:Ellen Flores
To talk about Rock en Español there are certain artists and groups that will be immortalized in their songs and contributions to the birth of the movement. Miguel Mateos, is one of those key players...Read more

Flashback Friday: Café Tacuba

"Eo (El Sonidero)" A Frenetic Explosion of Life.

By:Juan Leon
Cafe Tacuba's best music video for my money. "Eo (El Sonidero)" sees the band frantically gesticulating over the chaos of life, colors, and street life depicted in stop-motion photography behind them...Read more

Don't get bored during a snow day!

These are 10 things you could do to keep yourself entertained: 1- Go outside. Build a snowman. Clean your driveway, better yet, help your neighbors clean their driveway. 2- Valentine's day is...Read more


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