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Posted on Thursday, 17/09/2015
By:Ellen Flores

This week, get ready to rock and dance with Elefante and this very special playlist in celebration of their upcoming show THIS SUNDAY at The Palace. Last time, I wrote about why you need to know this group and why they are so good! If you haven't checked it out, do yourself a favor and check it out here.  In the mean time grab your tix to the show and hit play on this playlist that will get you ready for the show.  Let's get this started!


De La Noche a la Mañana: A pulsing drum and hipnotizing guitar capture your attention, making you give into the beat and by the time the chorus comes along, you are belting it out whole heartedly. An crowd favorite indeed!


Mentirosa: "Esas lágrimas son falsas, como falso fue tu amor."  Got played? Sing this track and you'll feel better.  Trust us, Elefante knows.


Angel:  Heartbreak these guys know.  But to have heartbreak you need to know love.  THIS is one of he ultimate love songs Elefante has.  A go to "rola" that taps into that romantic side all rockeros have.  


Píntame de Azul:  One of my favorite compositions from Elefante, hands down.  An ode to the truest love, "Píntame de Azul" is a song that always melts my heart even if I've heard it a thousand times.


Sabor a Chocolate:  Ultra catchy riffs and cheeky lyrics, "Sabor a Chocolate" is an addictive addition to our playlist. "Tienes unos ojos que me invitan a probarte, piel de duraznillo corazón de chocolate.  Alma de manzana que me invita al paraíso y un par de melones por que Dios así lo quiso." 'Nuff said.


El Abandonao:  It never fails, this song always gets the crowd dancing and singing.  A rock en español classic "El Abandonao" is a must in any Spanish playlist.

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