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Los Master Plus Plus Plus Are Back!

Puro Suave Leve Cumbiatronico Party @ Tropicalia w/ G-Flux

Posted on Wednesday, 06/05/2015
By:Rocksario Garcia

If any one band can turn you into a lover of all things Mexican, it's probably Los Master Plus. Their infectious and incredibly fun shows are the epitome of a good time. From their custom made Mexican norteño suits complete with the scorpion belt buckles, to the gold chains, and tejanas (that's a fancy name for sombrero) they ooze Mexican flair and sabor. Their signature bigotes (mustaches) are the salsa to your tacos, their dark sunglasses elevate their "too cool for bright lights" status.

Like most people, I fell in love with them at first sight after watching their viral video remake of the Kings of Leon hit, "Sex On Fire". This perfect duo from Guadalajara capture the essence of not just parodying a song and turning it into their own, but actually improving it. Their cumbia version of "Sexo en Fuego" is perfection with the right amount of artistry and humor, while personalizing the lyrics enough to turn it into a new song. They do this time and time again with songs like "Mami" (No Doubt- Don't Speak Cover) or the now infamous "El Extraño" the answer to Radiohead's "Creep". They don't stop there, having parodied songs from Dr. Dre to the Lambada in "Fiestiña". 

They continue with the video eye-candy with this latest video to Fiestiña (albeit with an increased budget shooting at a pool party rather than their green screen backdrop in their first video "Sexo en Fuego"). They single-handedly jumped to the forefront of the new 'Cumbiatrónico' (cumbia + electronic) and 'Sabrosindie' (sabroso, Spanish word for "tasty" + indie) movements with ease.

Like a good tequila, Los Master Plus have only gotten better with time. Larry Mon and El Comanche are like the Mexican brothers you never had. They are your Mexican guides to a fun time always giving you those beats you want to dance to while staying true to their roots. Someone once asked me, "Are they really Mexican or just pretending to be?" The answer is, they are as real as it gets and you will love them for it.

Los Master Plus do not limit themselves to cover songs, their self produced tracks such as 'La Cumbia del Pero', 'La Ultima Coca del Desierto' and 'Mamarazzi' are also big hits. On "Suave Leve" El Comanche's vocal's really shine bringing a new depth to the band.

Don't miss your chance to celebrate el sabor Mexicano with Los Jefes del Vacilon this Friday, May 8th, 2015 at Tropicalia (14th and U Street NW). Opening up will be DC's own G-Flux space cumbia producer. Don't miss it!

Friday, May 8 
Los Master Plus w G-Flux
2001 14th St NW
(below the Subway restaurant)
Washington, DC
$10 ADV // $13 DOS

Tickets available herehttps://www.tickeri.com/events/5549a6c7189e12080030f270/los-master-plus-...

Or try your chance to win tickets here!

Los Master Plus


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