Exclusive Kesta Premiere of Olmeca's "Hasta Que Te Encontre" music video | Kesta Happening DC

Exclusive Kesta Premiere of Olmeca's "Hasta Que Te Encontre" music video

Olmeca's latest music video premiered for fans in the DMV

Posted on Wednesday, 27/05/2015
By:Kala Fryman

If you are feeling like me, you are eagerly awaiting Olmeca's concert this Saturday in DC.  Luckily for us, Olmeca has released his latest music video, "Hasta Que Te Encontre" in anticpation of his upcoming concert.  Watch, listen and take it all in to satiate yourself until this Saturday!  

"Hasta Que Te Encontre," from Olmeca's last album, Brown is Beautiful  features Maya Fernandez from Jarochicanos, a son jarocho collective that gives workshops in Chicago.  The video has simple yet powerful images of Olmeca playing jarana along with Fernandez and others in a fandango (son jarocho jam session), street scenes in the US and Latin America and also images of artists he has worked with and is inspired by, past and present.  The melodic jarana and Fernandez' strong voice effortlessly float through your ears and fill your soul, and naturally blends with Olmeca's introspective rap.   "Hasta Que Te Encontre" is a song that doesn't fit neatly in a box, by genre nor content.  It evokes the past, present and future and explores the earnest searching of someone or something that gives sense and purpose to our lives.  The song captures the spirits of love, the struggle and the complexity of finding clarity amidst these things.  In a word, this video is beautiful- a true piece of art.  It not only showcases Olmeca's artisty as a lyricist and producer, but also celebrates the music and cultura of son jarocho.  

Don't miss out on Olmeca's perfomance this Saturday, May 30th at Judy's Bar and Restaurant, where he will be premiering this video in person! 


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