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Posted on Monday, 23/03/2015
By:Ellen Flores

In this week's edition of #YouOughtaKnow we are getting funky in preparation for the Argentina vs. El Salvador match that will be taking place THIS SATURDAY!  This week I’m jamming out to “Brasil” by the Uruguayan group Sante Les Amis.

“Brasil” is the perfect title to this wall of sound, enrapturing party track.  With elements that hint at carnivale-esque sounds and vibe, “Brasil” presents in four minutes and twenty two seconds the essence of what these mammoth matches are all about while also capturing the vibrancy of this iconic party country.  The hoots, horns and cowbell are all reminiscent of sounds you would here at the streets of Rio during carnaval.  The lyrics put you in the mindset of the athlete that is determined to keep at it no matter what, because mind goes over matter.  The musicality in this song is a fusion of bass, drums and chorus vocals that suck you in and have you in full blown game mode.  Sante Les Amis released this song in 2014 as part of their album “Sudamericana” which was received to much critical acclaim, currently, the video for “Brasil” has surpassed the 300,000 views on YouTube and the band is in this moment smack dab in the middle of the creative process for their new album.

So friends, in preparation for this epic afternoon of fútbol in the DMV I have been doing some research into past FIFA video game soundtracks because these babies are packed with eclectic tunes that range from Latin Alternative to new Dubstep tracks that haven’t yet been officially released.  “Brasil” is featured in the FIFA 15 and is the perfect song to get you pumped up to see Messi right in your backyard.  #YouOughtaKnow


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