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You Oughta Know: Los Concorde "Rompecabezas"

"You Oughta Know" is a series that highlights favorite artists, groups, movies, and many other things... You Oughta Know!

Posted on Wednesday, 11/03/2015
By:Ellen Flores

This week, you oughta know Los Concorde, a Latin Alt Rock super group that although have been around for a while now, I recently discovered their awesome tunes and have since backtracked their catalogue to find some hidden gems that should be part of your playlist asap.


Los Concordes are the brainchild of La Ley drummer Mauricio Claveria.  After La Ley went on hiatus, Mauricio decided to get back in the game and reached out to fellow musicians to form a group.  Los Concordes was comprised of Fobia lead singer Leonardo de Lozanne, Alfonso Toledo ex-bassist for La Lupita, Tavo Limong from Resorte, Atto from Atto & The Majestics, El Vampiro from Jaguares and and Jonas from Plastilina Mosh.  This all-star lineup got together to jam and Los Concordes was born.  With the success of the track "Rompecabezas" the group was invited to play at the 2007 edition of Vive Latino.


With two studio albums under their belt Región 4 and Es Lo Que Hay Los Concorde managed to make noise in the scene and release a string of successful tracks that gathered a faithful following of fans.  Among those tracks is my pick this week "Rompecabezas".  What captured me from the track is the drum. A fellow coworker recently pointed out to me in a conversation that because of the speed of technology and use of earbuds, music seems to have lost its potency, especially in the equalization of the drums and bass (for bands). I never really gave much thought to this until he pointed it out.  Realizing that in fact, lots of today's music is missing that punch from the kick drum and the thump from the bass, the "putazos" as he calls them, when I first heard this song I felt the putazo bluntly and continued listening on, enough so that I fell in love with the track and the group.


The combination of the alternating vocals from Leonardo and Jonaz add another layer of musical deliciousness that I had longed for.  So this week, check out Los Concorde and the song  "Rompecabezas" a track that will give you the putazo you need and jumpstart your week with music  #YouOughtaKnow.



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