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Posted on Monday, 30/03/2015
By:Ellen Flores

If robots had feelings, I wonder what they would feel what love is like.  In this week's edition of #YouOughtaKnow Miami based group Elastic Bond gives us their version of robots in love with the video for the song “Nada Mas” and my pick for this week’s edition of music you need to add to your playlist.

With influences from all across the musical map, some classic and some contemporary, Miami based group Elastic Bond brings urban edge with a tropical twist to the alternative music scene.  Truly alternative, they are not shy to explore and think outside the box.  In “Nada Mas” Elastic Bond, explores the idea centers around the fact that proves that love is the only way to break with the things that tie us down and it is the key to living a full and plentiful life.  According to the vocalist Sofy Encanto, “the robots represent the idea that the act of love is more important than anything else, because love breaks the routine and conformity, it inspires you to go to new places, to follow the path to your heart.”

These cute little robots are surprisingly human; falling in love, going on to the movies, hanging on the beach, all the phases of a couple that is falling in love and growing in their love.  Props to Elastic Bond for not only producing a solid piece of music, but also for enduring what seems to be very long hours of makeup in these futuristic silver and light themed outfits that turned the band into their very own robot personalities!  A fun clip and a heartwarming song that arrive just in time for Spring blooms and new love. #YouOughtaKnow

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