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Posted on Monday, 16/03/2015
By:Ellen Flores

In this week's edition of #YouOughtaKnow two of Latin Rock's greatest unite to pay tribute to perhaps, one of the most important composers and artists the Latin Rock and Alternative movement has seen in the last 20 years. This week, I present to you the Enrique Bunbury and Andrés Calamaro rendition of Gustavo Cerati's legendary song "Crimen"

Gustavo Cerati’s death has left a void that will quite possibly never be filled because, truth be told, more than a singer he was a storyteller that connected to the lives of millions in a way that very few have ever done.  His compositions have stood the test of time and songs like “Crimen” will always be alive.  Six months have passed since we lost one of the greatest artists in modern Latin rock and now Enrique Bunbury and Andrés Calamaro, two of the current flagship Latin Rock stars, have united to produce a rendition of Cerati’s “Crimen” that is beautiful, haunting and faithful to the original version.  Not many cover songs are actually as good as the original, but this one is quite the exception.  If Cerati was still with us, I’m sure that he would delight in this rendition of his words and melodies. For us, he will always live in our playlists and now, we have a new tribute version we can sing aloud that honors his work and memory with two of the strongest voices in Latin Rock.  ¡Fuerza Cerati!  #YouOughtaKnow

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