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Elefante: The Romantic Rockeros of Modern Rock

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Posted on Thursday, 04/06/2015
By:Ellen Flores

When we talk about rock, there are many stereotypes and clichés associated with the genre.  There are always those that think of the metal looking dude, the punk, the goth and the emo; with Latin Rock, these stereotypes are no different.  The one thing that is rarely associated with the genre is what I like to call the “romantic rocker” (not to be confused with “Emo”).  This is the rocker that likes to dance or that might be going through some serious heartbreak.  Since the late 90s, Elefante has been making rockeros fall in love, dance, heal broken hearts and even cry with potent, soul bearing lyrics fused with rock melodies that can blast speakers and light up a dance floor of a local dive bar or a global stage.

Elefante’s music breaks the generation gap that often divides Latin Rock fans because the genre is basically split into four: Classic or Rock Nacional (Propelled by Argentinean bands), 90s Rock (self-explanatory), Modern Rock (Heavily influenced by Mexican rock bands) and Metal (more European/Spanish style of rock).  Elefante, is a child of the Modern Rock era that is a fusion of the best of the Argentinean style of Rock Nacional and the best of 90s Rock.  Elefante’s blend of rock, cumbia, and ballads with piercing lyrics caught the attention of artists like Joaquin Sabina, Shakira and Maná, all of whom Elefante performed as opening act to these artists’ shows and tours, respectively.

Formed in Mexico in the late 90s by then lead singer-songwriter Reyli Barba, Elefante released their first album (and three time Latin Grammy nominated) “El Que Busca Encuentra” (2001) that has timeless tracks like “De La Noche A La Mañana”, “Vamos” and rock en español anthem “Así Es La Vida”.  Their follow up album ”Lo Que Andábamos Buscando” (2003) is an album that still today is a benchmark in the band’s career because they didn’t limit themselves to one specific style or sound, their objective was to have fun and enjoy their creative phase, and it shows. “El Abandonao”, “La Condena” and “Sabor a Chocolate” are crowd favorites that highlight the band’s diversity in sound.  Following the success of these two albums, Elefante toured Central and South America, United States and even Europe. The success from these two albums also marked a Latin Rock milestone; Elefante was the first ever Mexican group to perform at the prestigious festival “Festival de la Canción de Viña del Mar”, a stage so many dream to perform once in their lives, Elefante did just that and set a record in the process.

Their third, self-titled album took them even further and got them nominated again for a Latin Grammy, no surprise as “Angel”, “Mentirosa”, “Pinta Tu Raya” and “Píntame de Azul” now crowd favorites came from this album.  The band’s lineup changed once Reyli left to peruse a solo project.  “Resplandor” and “E:87600” were follow up albums that featured the band with their new lead singer.

Fast forward to this year, and Elefante is out on tour celebrating their milestone career with their “The Hits Tour USA 2015” and on Friday, July 10 rockeros in the entire DMV will be able to dance, cry, celebrate and fall in love with Elefante at The Palace doing what they do best; performing LIVE with rock in the style that only Elefante can do!


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