"You Oughta Know" is a series that highlights favorite artists, groups, movies, and many other things... You Oughta Know!

Posted on Wednesday, 28/01/2015
By:Ellen Flores

Press play.  Close your eyes. Sit back, open your ears and get ready to travel through sound waves of modern electro pop with a vintage feel.  Vapor by Torreblanca is my pick this week for music You Oughta Know.

A sensuous voice invades your stream of consciousness with electronic beats, hypnotizing riffs and a bassline that enraptures you off on a emotional and almost out of body musical experience.  The seductive vocals on Vapor take you on a meditative state to your favorite memory or sexual encounter.  Think back to that moment while you listen to this track and you can't deny that the song is THAT striking.  Did I mention that the lyrics are a total love story of desire, deception, illusion and ultimately, conquest? Yeah, all that wrapped up beautifully in three minutes and twenty seconds of sheer brilliance.  My favorite element of this song –yes, there’s still more to it- is the percussion; it’s steamy 70s era vibe reminiscent of Magic Man by the eternal badass sister team Ann & Nancy Wilson from Heart (do yourself and Google these ladies if you don't know who they are!) make this song stand out from the current musical landscape in Spanish Alternative Pop.

So get ready my friends, this week we are going through a musical wormhole and trust me, you are going to dig it.  #YouOughtaKnow



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