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YOU OUGHTA KNOW: Mimi Maura "Don't Stay Away"

"You Oughta Know" is a series that highlights favorite artists, groups, movies, and many other things... You Oughta Know!

Posted on Wednesday, 25/02/2015
By:Ellen Flores

This week, I'm turning to an amazing artist that I regret not listening to sooner.  Meet Mimi Maura, a Puerto Rican singer-songwriter that fuses her love for Latin rhythms with Jamaican reggae and rocksteady beats.  I admit, I only recall hearing the name Mimi Maura but never truly listening to her music and I must say, I have truly missed out!  One of my favorite artists, Fofé Abreau (El Manjar de los Dioses, Circo, Fofé y los Fetiches) always cites Mimi’s musical works as an inspiration and in many occasions, has shared a stage with her; I can only imagine what an astonishing combination it would sound like!


In researching for this week’s post, I realized that Mimi is the owner of her own indie record label, Canary Records.  She was part of one of the first “in Spanish” rock bands in Puerto Rico, Rencor. Later on, she formed part of Alarma! An all-girl rock band that shared the stage with Maldita Vecindad at the Banda Elastica Festival in the 90s.  Mimi found her soul mate in Fabulosos Cadillacs sax player Sergio Rotman with which she relocated to Argentina and participated in multiple projects like Sergio’s solo group Cienfuegos.  She also participated in one of my all-time favorite tracks “Calaveras y Diablitos” and recorded with “porteña” scene groups like Ataque 77, Los Piojos, Kapanga, Fidel nadal and many more. 


Mimi's voice is haunting, captivating and sultry, I’m not the only one that thinks so, and in 2002 she won a Gardel Award (Argentinian equivalent to a Grammy) for Best Female Rock Singer.  Mimi’s voice combined with the beats and melodies, makes hearing her music like a perfect beachy vacation you have always dreamed of, but for your soul.  Thank you iPod, for shuffle mode and selecting Mimi Maura to start my day off!


Friends, today I leave you with the song "Don't Stay Away" off Mimi Maura's self-titled album in 1999.  This is the song that caught me and won me over forever. A musical escapade that sends you off into an irie state of mind leaving you grinning from ear to ear.  ¡Gracias Mimi! #YouOughtaKnow.



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