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Posted on Tuesday, 10/02/2015
By:Ellen Flores

This week, I'm paying tribute to a Rock En Español staple, the unmistakeable song "Mil Horas".  This track originally written by Andres Calamaro for the group Los Abuelos de La Nada -where he played keyboards- in the late 80s, has more remakes than any other song I know in the realm of Latin Rock. The true story of what this song is really about is still a mistery.  Some say it's about drugs, other say it's about revolution and some claim it is talking about the Falklands War.  Regardless, the truth is that this song is one of the 10 most influential songs ever written by Calamaro.

What Calamaro achieved with this song is historic because there are remakes by all sorts of artists, not only rockeros.  The proof is in the pudding, and below, you'll find some of my favorite and some of the wierdest "Mil Horas" covers that you might have heard or didn't even know existed. What's your favorite version?  Hit us up in the comments below with your picks.  #YouOughtaKnow

Los Abuelos De La Nada


Enanitos Verdes


La Sonora Dinamita


Alex Ubago


Sindicato Argentino del Hip Hop


Magic Juan


Mango Funk


Andrés Calamaro


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