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Posted on Thursday, 27/08/2015
By:Ellen Flores

This week, I'm elated to write about Circo, one of my all time favorite groups EVER!  After what felt like a 100 year break, Fofé Abreau, Orlando Méndez, David Pérez and Egui Santiago have released their much anticipated new single "Libre".

I love Circo because they are the personification of the word harmony. Electronic programed beats and elements fused with live instrumentation and ethereal vocals would seem like too much to some, but Circo's musicianship and talent allows them to be trendsetters, sound makers and an institution in the indie alt rock scene thanks to this harmony and balance they bring to their music.  In "Libre" the opening guitar riff is punchy, captivating and catchy; a placeholder for the melodies to come.  Once the entire band kick's in and the riff is set in motion, Fofé's sultry mesmerizing voice sets us off in a musical voyage like only Circo can do.

Yeah, when you break up you are brokenhearted but you know what? Life goes on! And in "Libre" Circo does just that and it's a brilliant musical piece that will form part of Circo's live show roster for years to come.  Get ready to be free because "Libre" is going to be that addictive earworm you will be singing for days and nights to come! #Libre

Listen to "Libre" here.

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