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Lil Hitt out of Oceanside, CA

West Coast hip hop with a touch of the islands

Posted on Friday, 07/08/2015
By:Kala Fryman

You all know that I love indie artists doing their own thing and using music as a platform for social change and commentary, so after hearing Lil Hitt's single "Baddmon's World," I knew I had to put this on the radar for East Coast hip hop heads and music lovers alike.  Hip hop artist Lil Hitt out of Oceanside, CA  is bringing us some West Coast hip hop with an island vibe and the principles that guide him as an artist- stay away from the trends, be original, stay humble and master your craft.

I have to admit that I haven't always been into hip hop or rap music.  In fact, the younger version of me absoutely hated it and completely wrote it off (to be clear, I had this attitude for anything that wasn't punk rock).  But as I started to expand my musical tastes and also become more politically/socially aware as a whole, alot of the hip hop that I scoffed at before suddenly started to speak to me and make sense.  Rap music and hip hop culture provide some of the most poignant, raw and honest social commentary on our cultures, our neighbors, our cities, our countries- in short, a real and uncensored view of the reality many people face and that so many others are resigned from. Whether you're black, chicano, Pacific Islander or anything in between and beyond, hip hop is there telling untold stories, celebrating culture and the good, bad and ugly parts of life.  "Baddmon's World" is no exception and ties together elements of the struggle in the San Diego area with great music and flow.  

"Baddmon's World" is part of a compilation project with local Oceanside artists and the video opens with some spoken word that stood out and provide context for the song, video and Lil Hitt's perspective as an artist- "True rights, true love, true justice and a glimpse of solidarity." The video was shot throughout San Diego and Oceanside, showing some of the most pervasive issues in the area such as rampant homelessness, gang activity, poverty and violence. The goal with this song was to bridge the gap between North County & South East; to represent San Diego as a whole and creatively place a message of unity without glorifying negativity.  Elements of struggle in the artists' communities are highlighted in the lyrics and video to not only share their roots and reality, but also used as a point of solidarity- that whether you're from North County or South East, the struggle is real and you are all in it together and surviving together.  "Badmonn's World" also showcases Lil Hitt's versatility as an artist, effortlessly blending west coast style hip hop with reggae, soul and R&B.  For now, sit back and watch, listen and enjoy and stay tuned for more from this artist!


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