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Posted on Thursday, 04/09/2014
By:Ellen Flores

This week in You Oughta Know we are going to rock out with "Funky Futurista" an addictive, funk driven track from Argentinean power duo Illya Kuryaki and the Valderamas (IKV). Released as the new single from their DVD/CD "Aplauden en la Luna" which was recorded at the infamous Luna Park venue in Argentina, IKV is here to make your speakers funk.

Since the first time I heard "Funky Futurista" I got hooked.  There is something so primal and tribal about it that you can't help but get into the music, regardless if you are a fan of the duo or not.  The fusion between funk, dance, disco and rap is unparalleled to anything Illya Kuryaki has recorded before and honestly, unlike anything I've heard before.  For me, "Funky Futurista" has become a staple in my music collection as it's funk bass line and programming on the track is utterly and simply addictive.  I can't wait to see IKV live again here in DC.  

Check it out for yourself.  Will you get lost in the funk?  I sure hope so! #YouOughtaKnow

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