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Remembering Gustavo Cerati

Today, a musical genius has died: Rest in peace Gustavo Cerati.

Posted on Thursday, 04/09/2014
By:Ellen Flores

An overwhelming sense of sadness and loss encapsulates this Thursday, September 4.  Today, the world found out that Gustavo Cerati has left us as a result of a respiratory failure; a complication from his prolonged coma of 4 years.  At age 55, Gustavo Cerati's music has marked millions of lives and generations.  Today, we remember his words, his music and his melodies.  

A musical genius, Cerati is credited to being one of the most successful, influential and important voices and composers in the Rock en Español genre.  Catapulting Latin Rock to a global scale, Gustavo was the lead singer of Soda Stereo.  Songs like "En La Ciudad de la Furia", "Corazón Delatador", "Persiana Americana" and the all-time rock anthem "De Música Ligera" took this group from Argentina across the globe with music that spoke to us, spoke for us and celebrated nuestra herencia Latina.

As a soloist, Gustavo Cerati accomplished mammoth successes.  Among his most well-known songs are: "Cosas Imposibles", "Adiós" and "Crimen".  His success granted him prestigious awards like the Latin Grammy and Premio Gardel (a high award in his country of Argentina) as well as a new legion of fans that began to know him for this phase of his music and fell in love with his past in Soda Stereo.

Fans and musicians alike have taken to social media to remember Cerati with quotes, pictures and stories.  Our hearts are forever stricken with the loss of this legend.  For all your music, your lyrics and muses we simply say: “¡Gracias, totales!”


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