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Posted on Wednesday, 29/10/2014
By:Ellen Flores

This week in You Oughta Know, meet Pirañas, the newest rock group to bust onto the Latin Rock scene directly from Colombia. Fusing elements of rock, punk, melodic lyrics and raspy vocals, Pirañas is the newest group to emerge from the bustling Colombian rock scene and they are making waves with their modern rock Latino sound.

What I like most about Pirañas is that they are a one-two punch because they hook you in with their riffs and basslines and then sucker punch you with the lyrics.  You can be rocking out with the music one moment and then one second later, you hear the lyrics and you do a double take.   I love it when a band is able to surprise you that way.

Today, I'm leaving you with the first Pirañas track I heard and the one that hooked me in, Si Vuelvo A Verte is the first single off their upcoming debut album "Es Posible" and it's got punch, attitude, its raunchy and it's awesome.  The video depicts the tumultuous love story in the words of the song.  We all go through that feeling of loosing someone but still longing for them and wanting, above all, to become a stronger person and fix the problems and salvaging a relationship you know that you are meant to have because "yo sé que hay algo entre tu y yo". Check out the track for yourself and be warned, you will have this riff and chorus in you head for the rest of the day. That's a fact!  

I truly believe these guys have a huge potential to make a solid name for themselves, I know I'm not the only one that thinks that as recently, they were personally selected by Colombian rock sensation Doctor Krapula to play a mammoth show in Colombia.  That's a huge vote of confidence for the guys from Pirañas. Cool music, solid and personal lyrics combined to rock you out? Yeah, that’s why Pirañas is my pick this week for music #YouOughtaKnow.


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