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YOU OUGHTA KNOW: A #MusicLover Playlist

"You Oughta Know" is a series that highlights favorite artists, groups, movies, and many other things... You Oughta Know!

Posted on Wednesday, 08/10/2014
By:Ellen Flores

A #MusicLover Playlist: Jarabe De Palo’s 10 Best Songs

This month, Latin Grammy Nominated group Jarabe De Palo performed two stellar nights right here in the DMV and in the Jarabe spirit, this week I am sharing with you my picks for the 10 songs that best encapsulate the magical melodies that are Jarabe De Palo.  Let’s get this started!

#10  ¿A Dónde Vas?: From the recent Latin Grammy Nominated album Somos, the blues undertone and reggae inspired beat plus a collaboration with Ximena Sariña is a brilliant portrayal of his side and her side of the story.  

#9  Escriban Más Canciones: A hiden gem in the Jarabe catalogue, this song fuses Bossa Nova, Latin Jazz and even Samba flavor with Rock.  Plus, it’s a female empowerment anthem written by a man.  Epic!

#8  Déjame Vivir:  A duet with La Mari from the group Chambao, is poetry.  A refreshing view on what freedom can be and how sometimes, you just have to love yourself before you can truly love another.  

#7  Y Ahora Que Hacemos: The guitar on this song is what a soul would sound like if it could speak.  A haunting melody that pulls at your heart and if you close your eyes you can see life in a whole new light.

#6  La Flaca: A benchmark in Jarabe’s career La Flaca is their most iconic song and will always have a place in my top 10 and at a Jarabe show!

#5  Agua: The story is the same but the meaning is different to every person that listens.  Melancholy, loss, lust and desire all wrapped up in one.

#4  Romeo y Julieta:  Because at one point or another we kind of loose hope to find “the one” and have found ourselves sitting in a bar feeling like this: “Llevaba un cartel pegado en la frente ‘Se busca perrito caliente que me quiera ciegamente’.” It also helps that the guitar riff is ultra-catchy, so cheer up!

#23  Grita (Orquesta Reciclando Version): This version of the classic has an amazing sax break and percussion that take it to another level!

#2  El Lado Oscuro: For its simplicity that seeps into your soul and the story behind these star-crossed lovers, “El Lado Oscuro” is a quintisential Jarabe song.

#1  Bonito:  Because life is just too short, we all need to make it a point to truly live and realize that life truly is a beautiful thing! “¡Todo me parece bonito!”

BONUS: Dos Días en La Vida:  Because we all have that one person we swear we never really ready to let go and curse the moment we met what would become heartbreak.

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