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Why D.C. Isn't Just Another Stop On Federico Aubele's Latest Tour

Gran Hotel Revisited

Posted on Monday, 06/10/2014
By:Juan Leon

The dreamy-poetic soundscape of Federico Aubele's first album, Gran Hotel Buenos Aires, brought the Argentine singer-songwriter's unique blend of dub, electronica, and melody to international attention.

Produced by DC's first sons of global electronica, Thievery Corporation, Gran Hotel Buenos Aires led to four more studio releases and a career that's led Aubele back to an important origin point. 

Kesta caught up with Aubele to get his thoughts on starting his tour off here in the city TOMORROW at DC9, his musical influences, and what the future holds for him. 

KESTA HAPPENING: It’s been ten years since Gran Hotel Buenos Aires, what are your general thoughts on that landmark? Musically, how is it different from your current work? 

Federico Aubele: I think Gran Hotel was the foundation.  During the process if making that album I discovered what's the DNA of my music. I did incorporate different elements throughout the years and I also began to sing, but Gran Hotel was the discovery of the basic elements of my music. 

KH: What are your thoughts on the city of the DC? How about the city’s music scene?

FA: I like DC, I have a lot if friends there. I even lived there for a bit over a year. If you know the right people you get to meet the artists involved in the music scene. It doesn't seem to be very obvious, you sort of have to know where to go, but it's great. 

KH: Though it seems like you’ve traveled everywhere, is there something special about the city of DC seeing your connection to DC natives Thievery Corp? How does it feel to start your latest tour in DC?

FA: I'll always have a place in my heart for DC, it's part of my history now. In a way it's like going back to the city you grew up in, you see old friends, it's something you know and you have memories of things that happen to you in many corners. 

KH: Could you give us 3 big musical influences?

FA: Baden Powell, Serge Gainsbourg, Boards of Canada

KH:What about 3 current artists that you admire?

FA:Haven't been listening to contemporary much lately. It's been a constant in my life. I seem to always like music from decades ago. 

KH:What does the future hold for you musically?

FA: Music, music and more music. Keep exploring, see where it takes you. 

See Federico Aubele live tomorrow 10/7 at DC9 at 9pm.

DC9 Nightclub
1940 9th St NW
Washington, DC

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