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YOU OUGHTA KNOW: Why Shakira Needs To Color Her Hair Dark Again

"You Oughta Know" is a series that highlights favorite artists, groups, movies, and many other things... You Oughta Know!

Posted on Tuesday, 03/06/2014
By:Ellen Flores

This week in YOU OUGHTA KNOW we are going in somewhat a different direction. As we get closer to the FIFA World Cup, this week I'm sharing with you my top 3 reasons why Shakira needs to dye her hair dark again.

Reason 1:  Because Pies Descalzos is a masterpiece that turns 20 next year

"Estoy Aquí", "Donde Estás Corazón" and "Antología", ring any bells? 

Shakira's masterpiece and breakout album "Pies Descalzos" turns 20 years old next year.  In the vain hope that I hold that Shakira decides to embark on a celebration tour to commemorate this musical gem, she needs to dye her hair dark again so that she can sing to us in Spanish these songs that are still relevant today and as potent as they were twenty years ago.  This album is a staple in Latin music and needs to be celebrated.  If Shakira decides to come back and do what she does best, I only hope that it's with dark hair.  What better way to tribute and celebrate this album than with a coif homage!

Shakira sings "Antología" at the prestigious Viña del Mar Festival in 1997.

Reason 2: Because She Set Records With Dark Locks

"Ciega, Sordomuda" "Tú" "Ojos Así" "Inevitable" Ring any bells?

In 1998, during the launch of the album "¿Dónde Están Los Ladrones", Shakira received her first Grammy nomination and became one of the first female Latin artists to have a Pepsi Music campaign.  In her video "Inevitable" Shakira's success bloomed to hights unbeknowst before. So much so, that "¿Donde Están los Ladrones?" is one of the best selling Spanish language albums in the US!  The success that followed this album, lead Shakira to record the unparallel "Unplugged" album where we saw her in full blown fire red hair and belly dancing fierceness.

In minute 3:33 we see Shakira enchant us with her hips for the first time and we've been hooked ever since!

Reason 3: Because the World Needs More Brunettes That Kick Ass

Before Shakira became the sexpot musical sensation that millions know today, those of us that follow her since day one remember her as a figure of empowerment, talent and fearlessness.  With her dark hair, guitar and voice, Shakira conquered the Latin world by being honest and straightforward.  Her music in Spanish shined a light into the soul of this icon and for many of us, she was someone we looked up to.  For me, she is the undisputed queen of Latin pop-rock of our generation (at least in my book she is).  Since I was in elementary school back in Puerto Rico, I remember listening to Shakira's songs and wishing I could write like that. Even though at that moment I had no idea what a broken heart, love or relationships were, I felt every single emotion Shakira sang about.  Her words and melodies were untarnished, honest and raw.  She was fearless and honest in her music.  Her words were poetry to the experienced and picturesque musical voyages for the innocent girl that listened on the cassette player in her room.

My only hope is that one day, Shakira decides to go back to her roots, tour in Spanish and take the world by storm again en Español so that new generations (and her beautiful son Milan) can get to know the powerhouse that Shakira truly is, with Spanish roots and dark locks. #RegresaShakira



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