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Kumbia Queers – Threw Non-Stop 1000% Tropi-Punk Party in DC

Last Friday 3/7 there was a cumbia storm taking place in DC courtesy of Mexican Argentine band Las Kumbia Queers!

Posted on Wednesday, 12/03/2014
By:Rocksario Garcia

I knew it was going to be a good time at Judy’s Restaurant on March 7th when the bartender told us “we have 2 for 1 Tecates all night long” as soon as we got there.  The Tecates paired with Maracuya passion fruit cocktails were a great way to switch from Friday work mode to Kumbia Queers party mode.

DJ rAt Maracuyeah DC
DJ rAt (Maracuyeah Crew) and friend know how to get the Tecate party started...

My first order of business was to visit the merchandise table, which was being set up by members of the Kumbia Queers themselves. 

Pila Zombie and Kumbia Queers
Pila Zombie (guitarist and merch designer extraordinaire) and Inesphektor (drums and percussion) man the awesome Kumbia Queers merch table at Judy's

I wanted to check out their hilarious and infamous t-shirt designs. Pila Zombie was there to answer all of our questions about the Frida Kahlo muscle builder t-shirts, the Kumbia Zombie shirts, and Misfits designs that had been given the Kumbia Queer treatment (soooo cool!). 

DJ Mafe of Maracuyeah DC
DJ Mafe of the Maracuyeah crew doing her thing before the show...

After we stocked up on merch and CD’s we started the night right dancing to the Maracuyeah DJ crew that opened up the night sending everyone into a nu-cumbia international frenzy.  If this was a frenzy multiply that by a thousand and that’s what it felt and sounded like when the  Kumbia Queers took to the stage.  The room which later we were informed was at full capacity, was buzzing with people pushing towards the front as las Kumbia Queers started their first cumbianchera notes. 

DJ rAt Maracuyeah DC introduces Kumbia QueersAfter a short but fun intro from Kristy aka DJ rAt in which she echoed everyone’s thoughts, “And finally here in DC for the first time.. I leave you with the Kumbia Queers!”

Ali Gua Gua said “Wow DC.. we really love you what a great crowd!”
Kumbia Queers in DC

Throughout the night Ali Gua Gua and Juana Chang, the two frontwomen of the Queers, sang their hearts away taking us from my favorite “Kumbia Dark” a Cure Cover in nu cumbia, to Madonna “La Isla de Chicas”, and an amazing rendition of Black Sabbath’s Iron Man in their “Chica de Metal” cumbia cover. 

Their original hits sounded better than on the album especially “Motochorra”, “Chica de Calendario”, “Celosa”, and “Mientes”.  Overall, I was in awe of their energy, how much the heavy guitar solos and keyboards enhance the live show, and how Ali Gua Gua’s güira playing was so out of this world, it appeared that everyone’s hips moved in unison with her rhythm.

Kumbia Queers in DC

To say the night was fun was an understatement.  I especially loved when Juana Chang threw some gigantic pink panties into the crowd (earlier she told us she went shopping and the size charts in the US are a little bit different than those in Argentina…lmao). 

Kumbia Queers in DC

She also danced amongst the crowd at one point, and later even handed me a beer after she saw I was dancing non-stop with no drink in my hand….I fell more in love with Kumbia Queers after their show (as did everyone else judging by this epic pic)!!

Kumbia Queers DC crowd

The Kumbia Queers hung around Judy’s after their set as Anthology of Booty and Maracuyeah continued the dance party and were even seen out in the dance floor shaking what their mama’s gave them during the DJ sets.

DJ rAt and Natty Boom of Anthology of Booty
DJ rAt and Natty Boom of Anthology of Booty kept the night going into the wee hours of the morning...

Later when I told Juana Chang that I wish I had caught the humongous panties she apologized saying,“You were just too close to the stage, I had to throw them out farther.” Thank you Juana I forgive you! 

Kumbia Queers in DC
Kumbia Queers groupie times 1,000%! 

It’s super amazing when a band is not only talented but sweet as pie as well! Come back soon Kumbia Queers, DC hearts you! You can relive the entire night in pictures at this link: http://www.kestadc.com/gallery/2014/mar/kumbia-queers 
Kumbia Queers in DC
Until next time may the Kumbia Queers force be with you!

If you're at SXSW this week check out the Kumbia Queers live and also check them out in LA when they tour with Ana Tijoux!

Kumbia Queers Tropi Punk Tour

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