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YOU OUGHTA KNOW: 6 Songs To Ring In Summer

"You Oughta Know" is a series that highlights favorite artists, groups, movies, and many other things... You Oughta Know!

Posted on Tuesday, 24/06/2014
By:Ellen Flores

This week in YOU OUGHTA KNOW we are celebrating summer with 6 songs that you need to blast full volume in your car and roll around town with the windows down.  Get ready, this playlist starts now!

Jarabe De Palo:  "Escriban Más Canciones" 

You might be quick to choose "Bonito" as a summer song from Jarabe, but that would be the obvious choice, instead, I choose this song from the album "Un Metro Cuadrado" because it has a chill vibe and relaxing quality that invites you to chill with a beverage of your choice and have a fun time with friends. A bonus, the lyrics are brilliant! Y sí, las mujeres deberíamos escribir más canciones.

Fofé y los Fetiches "La Mañana Blanca"

You may recognize Fofé's voice from groups like El Manjar de los Dioses or Circo, in this reincarnation, Fofé y Los Fetiches combine pop synth sounds with harmony, melody and sentiment in an sticky sweet adictive crecendo of Latin alternative brilliance.  La Mañana Blanca is a refreshing track that's perfect for cruising and feeling the warm summer breeze on your face while you jam out to the bells and pulse of the song.

La Santa Cecilia "La Negra" 

Because you couldn't have summer without some cumbia and La Santa Cecilia brings it with this track.  The acordion is seductive and lead singer Marisoul's voice is soulful and hipnotizing, seducing you to the dance floor to have fun!  La Negra to me, is one of La Santa Cecilia's most emblematic songs because it starts off with a steady tempo and then builds into an inevitable musical sensation that takes over your body and gets you dancing, even if you don't know how to dance. 

Doctor Krapula "Viva El Planeta"

With Viva El Planeta, Doctor Krapula crafts the art of the catchy chorus.  After listening to the first line of the chorus you are singing it at the top of your lungs and bopping your head while doing so. What makes this song a summer playlist song is the imagery. The celebration for life, music and the Earth is a dose of good vibes that are perfect for sunny, breezy summer days.

Café Tacvba "Agua"

Café Tacvba has music for every season.  My pick for summer? Agua. After seeing Cafeta perform this song at The Fillmore Silver Spring last year it has been embedded in my mind as one of my favorite musical memories. Being inside the venue and seeing the foam rain upon us like water gave me this overwhelming feeling of joy, renewal and refreshment; just like summer does for many people.  *Please note that this is a live version and you can see the rain in the venue!

Los Master Plus "Una Vez Más"

What do you get when you combine badass moustaches, gold shirts, sombrero, banda belts and Daft Punk? You get a wickedly tantalizing cover by Los Master Plus.  This song is the ultimate summer party song because if you don't know Los Master Plus when you hear the intro you are like "hey, this is familiar" once the beat kicks in you switch to "I know this song! Yeah!" and when the guys start singing -in SPANISH- you do a double take and laugh, dance and have a blast.  Turn it up cause Los Master Plus are the perfect song to close out our playlist.  Grab your Micheladas and Tequila shots and dance, Una Vez Más!

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