Cococabana welcomes the "Princess of Bachata", Leslie Grace | Kesta Happening DC

Cococabana welcomes the "Princess of Bachata", Leslie Grace

Concert review

Posted on Tuesday, 14/01/2014
By:Sarah Barrie

The night began with music and dancing as the DJ played popular salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton, and bachata hits to keep people moving as they anxiously awaited the arrival of Leslie Grace.

Around 11pm, people began to trickle in little by little, quickly filling up the spacious venue. What was once a room inhabited only by theatrical smoke and colorful florescent light was soon filled to capacity with revved up partygoers. The crowd was full of faces of all ages and dressed to dance the night away.  It was certainly a busy night for the two full bars as there was never a space that stayed vacant for too long.  There was also an air of "buena onda", as everyone was smiling and having a good time. I even witnessed a timid gringa getting a bachata dance lesson in women’s bathroom.

 Shortly after 1am, the Princess of Bachata broke through her wall of bodyguards and took the stage before her kingdom of loyal fans. She opened with her heartfelt hit, “Odio No Odiarte”, as the crowd moved and sang along. Clad in all black leather, her big hair seemed even more voluminous against her tiny frame. She celebrated her 19th birthday with fans and was even presented with a personalized birthday cake on stage.

Leslie Grace sang on into the early hours of the morning as she continued to serenade the crowd with other chart topping hits such as “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”, “Day One”, and “Be My Baby”. I watched the performance in the comfort of the spacious lounge area on the upper level, from which I had a superb panoramic view of the stage as well as buzzing dance floor. When the night began to come to a close, the party was still very much going on. From the enthusiastic cheers from fans, it was obvious that the concert was a success, and one thing can be said for sure, Leslie Grace definitely knows to keep a crowd out past their bedtimes!

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