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"YOU OUGHTA KNOW"- Miguel Mateos, El Jefe del Rock en Español

"You Oughta Know" is a series that highlights favorite artists, groups, movies, and many other things... You Oughta Know!

Posted on Wednesday, 26/02/2014
By:Ellen Flores

To talk about Rock en Español there are certain artists and groups that will be immortalized in their songs and contributions to the birth of the movement.  Miguel Mateos, is one of those key players.  From his beginnings in Zas in 1979, Miguel flourished and revolutionized the movement, connecting with the masses and opening the doors for a plethora of Rock Nacional icons from the 1980's.  You see, without Miguel, there might not have been a chance to know bands like Caifanes, Soda Stereo, Maldita Vecindad, Enanitos Verdes, and so on.    His compositions connected with the masses that were hungry for a new sound; a voice to their generation.  What Miguel set out to do was to do music, never knowing that his compositions and arrangements would connect with generations of music lovers for years to come and still to this day.  And for that alone, we will be forever grateful for his music, his voice and his stories.

There are two very specific songs that are part of my life soundtrack; "Atado a Un Sentimiento" and "Perdiendo El Control".  These two songs are forever part of my core, my passion, love and thirst for music.  There is something about his composition and interpretation style that my foundations were shaken to the point of opening my eyes and realizing that I had found that one influence that I was always searching for.  Miguel Mateos is for me, the sound of so many emotions, thoughts and desires I was  never able to find the moment, words or way to express.

Much like the love stories in Miguel's songs, My first introduction to el señor Mateos, was the DVD Miguel Mateos:  Salir Vivo Show (one I highly suggest should be in any music-lover's music collection).  This was the one that turned me into a full fledged die hard. My bright-eyed perspective quickly prompted me to work my way back through his extensive catalogue and I quickly confirmed that I was born in the wrong decade.  What would I have given to see him live in 1988 at his record breaking show at Mar Del Plata (over 70,000 people were in attendance).

This time around I'm trying something different and I'm sharing with you a playlist of my favorite Miguel Mateos songs.  Which are your favorite Miguel Mateos songs?  Let's make this THE playlist to listen to.

¡Tira Para Arriba!



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