Ke Paso: 3BallMTY, Los Rakas & Maracuyeah Set Tribal, Dancehall, Tropi-cumbia Brushfire in Maryland | Kesta Happening DC

Ke Paso: 3BallMTY, Los Rakas & Maracuyeah Set Tribal, Dancehall, Tropi-cumbia Brushfire in Maryland

The Fillmore Silver Spring was a straight up dancehall last night for 3BallMTY, Los Rakas, and Maracuyeah Fiesta!

Posted on Friday, 12/12/2014
By:Rocksario Garcia

I'm surprised that after only seeing 3BallMTY last night at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, I'm already making plans to see them in Los Angeles next week while I'm there visiting family. They were that good! After a great chat with DJ Otto earlier this week, I already expected to love them at first sight, however, the synergy experienced during their live set left me satiated in areas I didn't even know needed to be fed. Tribal is definitely a sound unlike any other it mixes traditional Mexican with electronic beats that take it to the outer limits and back. My friend Sheila who is from Pakistan exclaimed during the concert, "Man my Pakistani friends would love this.. it's almost like Bollywood but different!"

DJ rAt repping Maracuyeah DC and La Virgencita opening up for 3BallMTY

The local opener DJ rAt of the Maracuyeah DJ collective started off the night as the musical glue that had both the tribaleros and rakateros swaying their hips and stomping their botas in unison. The crowd was as diverse as the music being played and that is always a great thing! There's not much I can say about DJ rAt that hasn't already been said, except that her beats are nearly as badass as that signature sonrisa she flashes with gusto, especially when she's onstage dishing those booty-shaking tropi-cumbia-electronica beats. One of my favorite songs of the night was an awesome Lido Pimienta remix and of course Selena's Techno-Cumbia which turnt up the place like no one's business.

DJ Ethos (of Subsuelo fame) introduced and accompanied Los Rakas dishing out track after track oozing with Dancehall, reggae, hip-hop and the Panamenian-son they are so well-known for. Although I was not unfamiliar with Los Rakas before the show, their stage presence and charisma had us living and breathing the "Somos Raka" chant in unison like our life depended on it. An act that is better live than on record is always a treat.

Los Rakas with DJ Ethos

3BallMTY con Dayanna Lee en el Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD

3BallMTY came on without much delay setting the brushfire (literally as the LCD screens displayed flames throughout) that would rage hot for the rest of the night. From the left corner of the stage I had the perfect view of Erick Rincon, Sheeqo Beat, and DJ Otto and a periphery view of the audience that seemed to go wild singing and swaying together in a “hands in the air like they just didn't care” way. No one came to sit this one out as a full dance party raged and 3BallMTY delivered the ammunition. The trio took turns on percussion, beats, and vocals and the crowd went wild during their mega hit “Intentalo” which featured singer Dayana Lee. 3BallMTY seemed happy as people chanted the songs and they responded by tossing t-shirts and smiles into the dance-mosh-frenzy.

At the end of the night both Los Rakas and 3BallMTY came out for pictures with fans and thanked everyone for coming out almost individually.

Los Rakas and DJ rAt enjoying the 3BallMTY show

When I asked fellow Kesta contributor and DJ extraordinaire, DJ Mezcla what he felt during the concert he simply stated three words, “It was electric, neon, thump.”

That about sums it up.  Go see this tour before it’s too late!

Pictures from the show are up in our Gallery Page here!

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