Ke Pasó: Music is our religion. The prophet, Cultura Profética. | Kesta Happening DC

Ke Pasó: Music is our religion. The prophet, Cultura Profética.

Cultura Profética plays The Howard Theatre

Posted on Tuesday, 05/08/2014
By:Ellen Flores

As I write this, a full 24 hours later after the fact, my heart is still swollen and heavy with pride, delight and bursting with utter joy. On Sunday, August 3, The Howard Theatre in Washington DC bore host to one of the best shows Kesta Happening has ever brought to the area.  From the tiny Caribbean island of Puerto Rico -100 miles long by 35 miles wide- Cultura Profética enraptured us in a night filled with musical poetry in the guise of humility, passion and craftsmanship that is authentically awe inspiring; a show that will forever be etched in our collective memories and hearts.

The fellas from Cultura Profética stepped on stage with no bells and whistles. No fancy lighting rigs or projections.  Their instruments laid waiting onstage for the masterful hands of these true musicians.  You see, Cultura has never been a frills or visual assault group.  They don’t need any of that to blow you away and demonstrate that when music is performed with soul, directly from the heart and with genuine authenticity, it can be the most magical moment a person can ever experience. True musicians by trade and passion pouring out of every single note, Cultura performed to a sold out house of 1,200 people in attendance that chanted, danced and sang along every word in the robust musical catalogue that this group has. Flags from all nationalities were in full display.  It was a night where all Latin American countries were represented and unified under one roof for a night of flawless music.

Opening the show with three musical gems “Rimas Pa Seducir”, “Rtimo Que Pesa” and “La Complicidad” the band took the energy in the venue from happy to excited to fully vibrating.  As a concertgoer, music can be intangible to a certain extent and Cultura Profética managed the impossible; they made each and every single emotion in their songs a pulsing vibration of energy and vibes that were absorbed, embraced and celebrated by the audience in assembly.  This was the night when I fully understood why Ziggy Marley is quoted left and right in saying that “music is my religion” as that night was a musically religious experience.  The harmonies and balance between each of the band members heightened by lead singer Willy’s powerhouse voice gave the performance the underlying sensation of seduction, sensuality and heat that comes from deep from within a person’s core.

The musical bounties continued on throughout the show with a brilliantly crafted setlist showcasing their extensive career in the Reggae Rústico genre. “Para Estar” “Ilegal” and “Reggae Rustico” were some of my favorite songs of the night.  The highlight moment of the night came when lead singer Willy took the Puerto Rico flag and draped it over his amplifier as a perfect segway to the song “Amante Luz” which brought tears to not only my eyes, but all of us that are away from our beloved isla del encanto that were in the crowd.

The sound was flawless, the performance was captivating and the lyrics took a new life on stage that must be seen in order to fully understand the awesome power and poetry that Cultura Profética is.  Closing the first leg of the set brought the crowd to jump and united us to sing the feel good music anthem “Baja La Tensión”.  Chanting “otra, otra, otra” the guys came back to finish the night with four more songs.  Among them “Saca Prende y Sorprende” and the Cultura emblem and first big hit “Fruto de La Tierra”.

If you were at the show you know that my words will never do it justice.  If you missed it, do yourself a favor and make a mammoth effort to catch these guys live because on stage is where Cultura demonstrates why music is life and with passion and heart, music can unite and make change.  We all need a positive change and Cultura Profética is the prophecy of our generation in doing so.  ¡Viva la Cultura!

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